How drug abuse develops

Drug abuse precedes drug addiction. This is why health professionals will advise that the best way to handle both drug abuse and drug addiction is to practice total abstinence. Drug abuse can begin in different ways. Hence, it is important to be observant to avoid them.

Some people begin to abuse drugs innocently when the drug was earlier administered as a painkiller or sedative that provides them with comfort. Because we are humans, some of us want the feeling we get from these drugs to continue.

So, some individuals go-ahead to continue taking these drugs without the notice of the health professional. Deep down, they know that their healthcare provider would not approve, so they prefer to visit over-the-counter store owners to get these drugs.

When drug abuse is in its early phase, it is viewed as a harmless act. However, as it develops, the individual begins to realize that it gets harder to stop the habit.

Gradually, the habit begins to take over other aspects of their lives. Everything begins to revolve around the abusive habit because the individual finds it difficult to quit at this point.

Later on, the drug abuse develops into a full-blown addiction. This is the point where the individual has developed a compulsive and obsessive brain disorder that makes drug abuse impossible to stop.

So, even though they exercise willpower, it lasts for a short time because they will soon return to revisit their bad habits.

Drug abuse gets worse when the individual is around people who can make his condition worse. So, it even gets increasingly difficult to break the habit because he would be seen as the black sheep in the fold.

The development of drug abuse comes with some noticeable symptoms that the individual begins to notice. Worthy of mention are symptoms are euphoric feelings, sleeplessness, etc.

Individuals who abuse drugs are advised to seek help before their case develops into an addiction problem. With prompt screening, the right medications, and learning effective coping skills, it would be possible to keep drug abuse at bay.

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