Blame can be a great tool for protecting yourself.  As long as you can point your finger at somebody else, you don’t have to accept any guilt.  If your mistakes and problems are somebody else’s fault, then you can excuse yourself.  Sadly, it can be pretty easy to blame somebody else for your decision to use drugs.  Maybe somebody else got you to try drugs, perhaps by using peer pressure.  Maybe the stress of your job made you look for some way to escape.  Maybe you have been treated badly or even abused by others, so you needed some way to cope with your problems.  Maybe you suffer from depression or bipolar disorder, and you need drugs to cope with the suffering in your life.  Maybe you suffer from chronic pain, and you need drugs to cope with the pain.  The list of reasons why people say they need to use drugs is long and very sad.

There’s an old saying, however, that when you point your finger at somebody else, that leaves four other fingers pointing back at you.  In other words, blaming other people really doesn’t help.  Unless somebody holds you down and forces the drug into your system, you have made a choice to use.  And not just the first time, but every time you used.  Let’s face it.  Nobody ever really held you down and forced you to swallow a pill or a bottle of gin.  There may have been pressure of some kind or other, but the fact is that you made a choice to use.  Every. Time. You. Used.  The problem with blaming others for our addiction is that you surrender your freedom.  If you are willing to assert that your use of drugs is in the hands of others, then you implicitly admit that you are helpless.

You’re not helpless.  You made have made poor choices in the past.  For any of a variety of reasons, you may have decided that using drugs was the answer to your problems.  The important thing to realize is that you made a decision and repeatedly chose to continue down that path.  Blaming doesn’t do any good for you or for anyone else.  Blaming is an attempt to exempt yourself from the guilt for what you have done.  All it really accomplishes is to prevent you from moving forward to recovery.  Pointing fingers is, pardon the pun, pointless.  Give it up.  Stop blaming.  Stand up and make better decisions in the future.

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